Saturday, May 30, 2015

Let’s Try This Again

Hi. I’m Charon. I wrote this novel that I’m currently editing. It’s an adventure story set in 3748, a tale of adventure on the highly acidified seas, and battles with bioengineered pliosaurs, and an island of nefarious clones, and a devastating social encounter in a roomful of music snobs. And more. It has a diverse cast, and a hero who wins by wits and diplomacy.

I thought I had it finished before, but I was premature. It needed another polishing. I was nearly done polishing when the Hugos/Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies thing happened. Apparently a war has broken out between adventure fans and diversity fans, and here I am, stepping onto the battlefield. A precarious position for a noob writer innocently trying to entertain both sides.

I’m in (what I think is) the final editing stage (of volume 1 of 4). My editing stage, that is. I’m feeling very overwhelmed by thoughts of agents and self-publishing and networking, and staking out my place in a community of science fiction writers that are more professional/productive/established than me. In a climate where my mere demographic data (female, cat-owner, San Franciscan, left-leaning) can invoke voluminous teeth-gnashing and worse from certain sectors of the interwebs.

However, after a lifetime of vacillation regarding what it is that I really want to write, and an accompanying knowledge that I was born to write something, as they say in the movies, “I’m going in.”

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