Monday, July 27, 2015

Moon of Pluto

Behold Charon, my namesake.

I can’t recall the specific details and/or jokes involved, but one day when I was a teenager, I was sitting around with some other teenagers, probably playing guitar, and discussing appropriate names for guitar players. For some reason, my given name was deemed not rockish enough. I subsequently played/said/did something far out of left field (as I occasionally do). So far out of left field that the exact distance became the topic of discussion. A light year? A parsec? No, it was within the solar system, but barely. Pluto? How about the moon of Pluto, it’s even farther! And suddenly I had a rockish name. I used it to play guitar, and write, and eventually that name was making more money than the original name, so it became my name. 

NASA has some great new photos of Charon and Pluto, and I am thoroughly enjoying looking at them. 

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