Monday, July 27, 2015

Stoked About Worldcon

Assuming some Puppies do indeed come to Spokane -- a lot, a few, just one -- what will that do to the atmosphere of the con?

This of course is a two-sided question. Will the Puppies behave? How will the trufans behave toward them? Will people get along, agree to disagree, maintain some semblence of courtesy? Or will we have blood in the halls and the party suites?

The last con I went to was Blizzcon. In the goodie bag, we all got little red/blue reversible bracelets, so we could declare our allegiance as alliance or horde, to commemorate all the time we spend trying to kill each other online. The contrast boggles my mind.

It makes me wonder if I’m going to get faction checked, and how often. Maybe I should get a t-shirt that says “not a sad puppy” – except the thought of having to declare faction in a serious context annoys me to no end. It makes me want to walk around undeclared and unflagged, reporting on whether I’m met with graciousness, utter disregard (which I’m kind of aiming for) or ringing bells and cries of “unclean!”

I’m not a puppy. I’m showing up because the slating pissed me off. I did vote for a couple of puppies, and I even voted for a Castalia House offering – because it was good and informative. I also voted for some non-puppies, and I gave extra weight to non-slaters, to balance the unfairness of the slating itself. I tried to keep personality out of it, but I developed a dark and bitter loathing for that guy Wright who gamed three (3) entries in one category, and I have joined the Tor boycott only with regard to his books (I am not boycotting any other Tor authors at this time).

Meanwhile, David Gerrold is being a little more cheerful:

Several thousand people will show up, most of them planning to have a good time.
There will be panels of authors and editors and illustrators and costumers and more, sharing their experiences about authoring and editing and illustrating and costuming and more. There will be spirited exchanges of anecdotes and information. There will be much laughter.
There will be an exciting art show, full of the work of the best artists, both amateur and professional. There will be oohing and ahhing, and there will be an auction where many people will purchase artwork and go home happy.
There will be a dealer's room, where you can find books and videos and toys and costumes and jewelry and ghu knows what else. People will spend money on things, dealers will be pleased, fans will be thrilled at finding great reading adventures
There will be autograph sessions where fans can meet and greet authors and artists and others. There will be a bar where fans and pros will gather and swap tales. There will be parties -- lots of parties. People will laugh.
There will be a masquerade where costumers will show off their months of work to visualize the characters that live in their imagination, and the audience will cheer and laugh and applaud and delight in the show.
There will be a Hugo award ceremony where we celebrate excellence in the genre, and despite any conversations about this or that or the other thing, we will celebrate ourselves as a community.
The worldcon will be a gathering of the clans and everybody who shows up looking for a good time will have a good time, because your good time is what you create for yourself.
Worldcon belongs to all of us, with nobody and nothing left out.

And now my trepidation meter is swinging back toward stoked. 

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