Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I’m Going To Self-Publish

I was pretty close to my decision when John Scalzi’s blogran a Big Idea by Cindy Pon, and she said:

When I was pitching my debut novel, Silver Phoenix in 2008, one of the first editors I met at a local conference read twelve pages and said two things that stuck with me. First: This reads like Crouching, Tiger crossed with The Joy Luck Club. Why is it fantasy? Second: Asian fantasy doesn’t sell.

This year’s Hugo for Best Novel has plenty of Asian fantasy in it, if I recall correctly.  I even remember writing that I’d love to read more Asian fantasy, but oh well, I can’t, because it doesn’t sell.  This makes me wonder about all the other books out there that wouldn’t sell.  I’ll bet some of them are really good.

It also nudged me right over the indecision line, and I have just commissioned the most awesome book cover in the world from an astoundingly talented artist.  

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