Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adventures in Semiprozine Land

I methodically clicked each of the semiprozines in that link.  Some didn't grab me at all (all poetry? bye).  I stayed the longest on zines that had a nonfiction section with editorials, or reviews, or statements of purpose -- something that could help me figure out their parameters.

I'll admit sometimes I'm biased by parameters. Like poetry. Hate it. Sorry, poetry lovers.

Lightspeed seemed to hold my click-attention the longest, and I remember liking them at Worldcon. I found a story on their site that got to me: Children of Dagon by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Stories either lodge in my brain (if they're the good kind) or slide harmlessly through my synapses barely leaving a trace (most of them), and these angry sea creatures kept popping back into my mind.  Such rage.

He's writing about a similar concept to the one I was exploring in Sea Cow Boogie, but my aquatic beings are cuddly and maternal. Tchaikovsky's are neither, I'm not sure I really liked this story, but anything that can haunt my thoughts for over 24 hours post-reading deserves a nomination.

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