Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jurassic World versus Jurassic Park

I finally purchased my very own digital copy of Jurassic World. I’m still not sure if I like it better than Jurassic Park.

Park had Jeff Goldblum chewing up the scenery --  I’m not sure if that’s a plus or a minus. It had, most importantly, some major Sense of Wonder with regard to the first glimpse of the dinos, and it had that overhead shot in the cornfield. As a minus, it had a tired old “technology is evil” theme, flipping the bird at the kind of people who might want to see a film specifically about computer generated dinosaurs, telling us to get out of the theaters and go play in the sun.  

World has much better CGI, plus it doesn’t scold you for appreciating that fact. The creatures move and flex and ripple and change expression as much as their reptilian features allow. The pterosaurs are breathtaking, complete with musical homage to Fantasia on the soundtrack. The raptors act.  

In the scenery chewing department, it has Chris Pratt. He keeps showing up in movies I like, so I guess I like him, and I also liked Bryce Dallas Howard as his yuppiesaurus co-star in the obligatory romance portion of the story. I liked one of the two kids -- the neurotypical one was kind of annoying, but he was good in a clutch situation.

The moralizing was a little more nuanced – GMO is bad, the military is super duper bad, the corporation that was bad last time is now worse, idealistic rich guys with a sentimental streak are also bad – and did you actually laugh at that tourist suffering death by pterodactyl?  You’re bad too. The science people, meanwhile, are just harmless geeks trying to do their jobs, except for that bad one.  

My inner child was very satisfied by the ending, and that’s mainly what matters. 

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