Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Hugo considerations so far

Are pathetically brief, and nominating starts in two weeks. OMG!

So far this is all I’ve got:

  • Jurassic World, unless Star Wars rocks my world. It probably will, so both of them. BUT then there’s The Martian, film form. Which I haven't seen yet.  
  • That one short story about the AI that feeds on cat pictures. I liked that. I’ve read a few more short stories, but none that I really enjoyed.
  • Neurotribes, a book about autism – because it contains a large section on Hugo Gernsback.  And also because it’s a reminder that biologically-based discrimination is contrary to the very soul of science fiction. End of moralistic rant.
  • The Martian, print form, because it may be eligible on a loophole.
I have actually read a few more stories, but nothing I wanted to celebrate. I didn’t read Seveneves, after reading about it extensively it didn’t seem like something I’d like. I enjoyed Snowcrash and Zodiac and then sort of fell away from Stephenson – Anathem may have been the final straw.  I read Armada and was kind of neutral about it, but maybe it'll look better after I read a few more.  

Right now I’m reading Eric Flint’s 1632, in which a small coal-mining town is mysteriously transported back in time and proceeds to kick some Inquisition ass. I’m enjoying it, and note that this is some solid liberal gun friendliness. I can’t quite picture the armed miners in the same universe with Correia’s Monster Hunters, but they’ve all kinda got that warrior spirit.  Personally, I’m not into guns at all, but I enjoy stories about fighting. And I enjoy it when Flint rants about history and socialism and stuff,  

One “problem” with stepping back towards the science fiction community is being bombarded with recommendations for excellent books.  At the same time, I’m supposed to be reading brand new books and nominating them for Hugos. And at the same time, occasionally I like to re-read things and sometimes I find things like the E. Nesbit omnibus on sale at Amazon.

I did find a list of semiprozines. And I’m going to post it right here where I can find it.

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