Friday, October 16, 2015

The Most Boring True Life Ghost Story Ever

A few years ago I was over at a friend’s house, and there were about six of us sitting around eating a pizza and talking. And all of a sudden, one of those conversational silences happened, where everyone in the room shuts up at the same time. We all looked over at the northeast corner of the room. There was nothing there. Our heads moved together as our eyes tracked over to the northwest corner of the room. There was nothing there, either.  We resumed talking, and then we all realized what had happened. 

The guy who lived there said, “Oh, that’s just the ghost.”  That thing where suddenly everybody stops talking to watch someone who isn’t there pass through the room?  Happens all the time at his place, apparently. 

I didn’t see, hear, smell or taste anything. No cold chills, no violin music, no drama, no terror. Just a presence, like when somebody walks by in your periphery.

I’ve always rather wanted to see a ghost, since I have enjoyed so many ghost stories. For a while I made a point of visiting places that were allegedly haunted, but I never saw a single ghost. I still haven’t seen one.  I can’t even verify that the one that I didn’t see wasn’t some optical effect or other natural phenomenon that we all misinterpreted as a presence walking across the room in a boring fashion. 

It occurred to me that maybe some people experience those kinds of things visually.  Like synesthesia

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