Saturday, November 28, 2015

Not Watching Star Wars, Not Hiring an Editor Either

Final decision: I’ve already seen Star Wars 4-6. Several times. If the cheap, miserly studio heads had only given Lucas the bucks to shoot the finale with wookies in Kashyyk instead of Ewoks on Endor, I would have ponied up the cash for the original trilogy yet another time. Until then, I have my memories.

So I worked on my WoW characters, which is my hobby whenever I’m not writing, and then I headed into the Final Edit. It was a good thing I did. There was a line about Sonny having nightmares three paragraphs under a contradictory line in which he slept well, plus I had a party set for July 28, 3748, which is a Sunday, and actually the party happens on Saturday the 27th.  Other than that, and a mild redundant line (which I kept because there was a different audience), it’s tight.

While going through Final Edit, a question crossed my mind.

Why am I too cheap to hire an editor?
Short answer: bad experience with last editor.

Long answer: I’m new, I’m stubborn, what can I say? A lot, probably, and while going through my own final review, I was tempted to write an interview between the creative portion of my brain and the editing portion of my brain. The creative side is temperamental and moody, the editing portion is mean and pedantic. They don’t work together well at all, so performing each side takes a different frame of mind. After numerous sessions with each of them, the first third of my gigantic 400k word novel has been whittled to a lean, mean 116,602 words that stands on its own.

Possibly by the time I get to volumes 2 and 3 I’ll find an editor (and develop a sense of professionalism) (and grow up), but maybe not. Since I’m prepared for either eventuality, I’m working on my editing skills. 

But yeah, the long answer is that this book is personal. I tried to be all serious and mercenary and full of corporate appeal, and I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen short of that mark, so here’s what I’ve got instead. I’m not really interested in changing it around to fit anybody’s idea of target demographics. I’m fully aware some of these characters are bad role models; that’s intentional. Absolutely right, that paragraph on page hundred-seventeen makes no sense, it stays. Oh yes, I’m well aware of the Tom Swifty. Yes, that trope actually reverses, but I’d be spoiling chapter eleven. 

Possibly after I finish with this book I’ll be able to find an editor tolerant of my eccentricities, for future books. Until then, I’ll continue giving both ends of my brain a workout.

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