Monday, November 30, 2015

The Desire to Re-Watch Star Wars

I could try to troubleshoot/rip these stupid DVDs.
                Maybe I just need another player app.
                                Little devil on shoulder appears and says: “well, if you’re going to rip DVDs …”

Nope. Not ripping stuff at this time. So I could just go online and spend, what, sixty bucks? Get them on the Amazon cloud? Yeah, but they have both HD and SD.

And I just happen to have a HD laptop sitting across the room. I was going to get an HDTV to hook it up, but somehow I got distracted by writing my story and forgot to buy a TV again. 
                So this option means I should go configure the HD laptop … AND buy an HDTV.
                                In which case I might as well spend the hundred and whatever on HD copies of 
Star Wars. My problem-solving ability has taken a massive leap in expensiveness. Plus as long as I’m getting this HDTV delivered I might as well also get a microwave, since mine’s about to break. So now I have to go to one of those creepy bigbox stores to get an HDTV and a microwave, or I could just get them on the internet, and either way I’d have to schedule delivery. This issue is getting more and more insurmountable every minute – and it’s all because I’m too lazy to troubleshoot some DVDs.

Not to mention I have forbidden myself any expensive goodies above and beyond the media necessary to survive. Until I get this book published. That’s why the HD laptop isn’t configured. So I can have a microwave, maybe. For now. 

Let’s try some YouTube. Obviously I’m not expecting to find Star Wars just sitting on YouTube, but … there are gazillions of fan films. The complete-SW-in-30-minutes edit! The Lego edit! The JarJarless Episode 1 edit! Animated version starring rabbits! Watchalongs! Commentaries! Comparison between special and regular editions! Bloopers! The beloved Star Wars Holiday Special! As someone with fond memories of the Fett’s Vette machinima from SWG, I could spend a lot of time here. There’s a lot of Star Wars periphery.

It’ll do.  For now.

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