Monday, November 9, 2015

The Island of Misfit Books

This grueling piece from The Atlantic discusses all those novels that were rejected many times, and the website that tracks frequently-rejected bestsellers, and the publisher that met a submission with “there is no audience for this.” Which makes me want to read that book right now.
So yeah, I’m bypassing the rejection stage, although I did get rejected by a couple of agents. I’ll take my rejections directly from the readers, thank you. 

And I’m frankly horrified by the vision of some Alexandrian collection of books – for real books, non-commercial books, people talking about their lives books (which are the best kind), books that have No Audience.  It’s guarded by well-armored orcs wielding battleaxes, and lasers, and a fa├žade built entirely of remaindered Thomas Kincaide coffee table books.

“But I’m an audience,” I want to whine. “At least for the good ones.”

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