Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just Look At All These Posts

I’m not sure how long I’m going to sustain this “frequent blogging” thing. I’m waiting patiently for my cover art, I’m pecking away at the beginning of the sequel, and I’m ready to launch. Also, I’m just a little bit distracted by Star Wars, given all the horrible traumatic associations that go along with Phantom Menace combined with my unabashed love of the real trilogy.

First: here are some awesome Star Wars book cover designs, if they were pulp fiction. If I weren’t already committed to sci fi heavy metal comic book with tentacles, I might be tempted to go for old school pulp.

Next, here’s some selfpubspiration. Never tell me the odds? Actually, I’d like to hear about those odds, please. For instance, never charge $1.99 for a book.  And give the readers the first taste for free, and blather on all the usual internet places like I’m doing right now, yup, yup. 

Finally, here’s a story from Kim Stanley Robinson that is probably a little bit of a polemic, but I thought it was cool. During the daytime, I do law stuff. I don’t talk about it though. If you found this blog whilst looking for the law stuff (or vice versa), hi. This is what I do when I’m not doing law stuff -- write science fiction and blog about it. You’re not going to find anything within this hereinaround blog which is actionable vis-a-vis fraud, libel, juicy scandalous stories, et cetera, et al., and these are not the droids you were looking for. And the law talking guy in KSR’s story seems very familiar with law stuff; notwithstanding, it made me laugh. 

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