Sunday, December 20, 2015

This Blog Doesn't Have Nearly Enough Cat Pictures

Uh oh, time to spring into action with some photos of the big Kahuna.

Such a lovely coat, thick and plush, softer than rabbit fur. It needs daily grooming, or he mats up. Also, he sheds enough to coat my entire apartment in a layer of cat fur that is up to 1/4" thick in some locations, keeping it warm in the winter. He's not as happy in the summer. I may have to give him a lion cut if we have another heat wave this year.

This is what the undercarriage looks like. Apologies for the state of my carpet; here we can see some of those rich deposits of shed cat fur.

He thinks cucumbers are the most boring vegetable ever.

Every weekend he encourages me to oversleep. Not that I need a lot of encouraging.

Definitely an Imperial sympathizer.

I'm sorry, but this seat is taken.

I don't approve of declawing cats. I would never get a cat declawed. However, sometimes I'm glad Kahuna was already declawed when I got him. This video illustrates why.  

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