Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016: So Far, The Movies Are Better

Whew. I found some better movies.

1. The Prestige
     From 2006, Rivalry between two magicians in Victorian England.
     With plot twists everywhere. So many that I can't really talk about them. With David Bowie cameo (playing Nikola Tesla, with giant tesla coils shooting sparks everywhere).


2. Saving Mr. Banks
    Which had been moldering on my watchlist forever, because I was sort of expecting a commercial for Mary Poppins. To my delight, it was actually a movie about a middle-aged lady writer (!) (you don't see a lot of movies about middle-aged lady writers) and the creative process, as she wrestles with Walt Disney over the transition of her book into a film. Thanks, Disney.

I also found a nifty selfpubspiration blog article: The Ugly Truth of Publishing and How BEST To Support Writers by Kristen Lamb.

It gave me pangs of nostalgia for B Dalton and Waldenbooks and Borders. It made me feel guilty for never going into physical bookstores anymore. It made me feel justified upon learning how all these corporate authors negotiate space on display tables. It made me sad, because I miss quirky midlist novels. It made me feel even better about my decision to selfpub. Possibly even this month. As soon as the cover is go.

In fact, I have seen my characters rendered visually. 

In draft form, and I had feedback for each one of them, but the idea of them taking on a life outside my head was startling. 

Because I am a self-pub anarchist, I'm taking a much more active role in the cover process, and I'm making sure the characters look the way they should, and that all the genders are suitably objectified. Including the mermaid. 

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