Thursday, January 28, 2016

Farewell, Solar Dingbat

This is my solar dingbat:

It formerly provided a visual break between scenes.

I have spent more time than I care to admit uploading the novel, then catching some formatting error, and fixing it in Word (sometimes Googling how to do that), and re-uploading it.  That's why my normal template now defaults to 1 pt between paragraphs.

At one point everything was perfect – EXCEPT the dingbat, on some versions of Kindle, had transformed into a giant letter “R.”


I decided to transform my spiky sunburst into a plain boring ● that can be found in every typeface, even Comic Sans. There are thirty-eight of them in the book. The reason I know that is because after I replaced them, they became part of the normal paragraph style (indented), which means they weren’t perfectly centered. 

Now I didn’t want to scare away any readers who would find the lack of centeredness annoying
(such as ME, because I’d be tempted to stop reading right there over a glaring lack of attention to typesetting like that, because I’m the sort of person who worries about things like italicizing the final period in etc., and I don’t want any of those sorts of amateur night shenanigans in my book)
so I fixed each of the 38 dots by hand, to make sure it was a true center just and not a center just on an indented line.

Because I care about things like that. Yet still, I miss my solar dingbat. 

EDIT: Obviously I don't care about it all the time (see Exhibit A, this typo-infested and formatting-challenged blog).  And I probably could have figured out a way to save my precious dingbat. I prefer to think of it as substituting a moon for a sun. A dark one. 

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