Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Schrödinger's Book

So!  It's there.  It's on Amazon.  But!

(1) I put "free" in the title of the free cheap first chapter because they wouldn't let me give it away for free. Oh, all right. Need to fix that. UPDATE: fixed.

(2) I also uploaded the version of the cover that lacks my name. I need to wait I think up to 72 hours for the initial "burn-in" or whatever before I can swap in the good cover, so I actually have a flukey first edition. Fortunately bad print runs are much easier to fix on e-books. UPDATE: fixed.

(3) There will be a hardcopy version available, in case anyone ever wants one. I'm going to have to sub covers there too. The price is super high compared to the e-version. Because costs. UPDATE: fixed.

Once all that's fixed, I suppose I shall have to go into full blown publicity mode. Until that happens I'll just bask here in my blissful obscurity, like a lizard in the sun.

UPDATE: now I'm more like a lizard that hits refresh constantly.

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