Saturday, January 23, 2016

Taking a Break from Editing for Some SelfPubspiration

I keep getting distracted by the story. Even though I’ve read it before. Not sure whether that’s a good sign.  I did find and eradicate at least five typos I didn’t notice previously.

On the self-pubspiration front, David Moldawer wrote this article for Boing Boing called What Publishers Should Do.

And it contained a quote he attributes to one of the most prominent literary agents in New York:

“…The book publishing industry is made of book people. Book people as a class pride themselves on knowing about everything—except computers, with a vengeance. They still edit 100,000-word manuscripts with pencils. I could count on one finger the number of people in this business who could program a coffee-maker. How in the world would the people in charge hire a single competent developer? If you’d seen the technological boondoggles, the 7-figure white-label ‘content management systems,’ these rubes have fallen for…”

I’m familiar with the type. I can make bright, sparkling conversation with them for brief periods, about books, and we usually basically agree about things like politics and food and movies. Some of them are dear friends, and people I like and respect immensely. But if they had a “make all the computers and people who love them (like Charon) go away” button, a lot of them would push it.

I just didn’t realize there were that many of them in publishing. Holy crap.

By self-publishing, I am avoiding considerable amounts of anxiety-provoking exposure.

Back to the editing!

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