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On March 20, 3748, terrorist clones in submarines made of bioengineered jellyfish attacked the stadium where fifteen-year-old Sonny Knight was watching the clashball championship game, kidnapping his family and his two best friends.

But the day wasn’t a total loss. Sonny got to meet one of his favorite sports heroes, he got a new dog, and he ran into an extremely tattooed man who has a really fast ship. Which might have been fast enough to get Sonny safely home in a couple of days if they hadn’t run into the tsunamis, and the pliosaurs, and the cattle stampede, and more clones, and all those other complications.

Complications fly fast and furious in this fast-paced adventure story set in a far future in which the climate has changed significantly, making travel difficult.

Retrograde Horizon

In volume one, Sonny made his way home. Now he’s in volume two, and those pesky clones are still trying to kill him – or worse. Meanwhile, his family is still trapped in a comfortable suburban development on the clones’ super secret mist-shrouded volcanic island somewhere in the South Pacific. It’s starting to look like he’s going to have to go get them, if he can get past the assassination attempts, and avoid getting distracted by true love.

Sieging Manganela

A long time from now, there was a war.

Very different from the normal sort of war. One side was full of brave, strong, dedicated soldiers. So dedicated that their great-grandfathers modified their DNA to make sure they’d be the best warriors ever.

The other side sold them those DNA modifications. They’re not about to come outside and exchange blows with a bunch of hypermuscular giants. Not when they can kick back in air-conditioned cities sending out remote-controlled drones.

Turo is one of those giants, although to be honest, he’s not very tall. He’s heard rumors that the war is nearly at an end, and if they are true, he won’t have to pretend that he isn’t overwhelmed by anxiety anymore. Plus there’s a chance he might get a chance to talk to this cute girl he knows. She lives inside the city he’s sieging. This long excerpt explains the dismal dating scene Turo grew up with, which helps explain why he's intrigued by the idea of falling for a foreigner.

Maybe someday he’ll get to hang out with her. Assuming he survives the drones.

Short Stories

            A graduate student attempts to observe a highly aggressive bioengineered unicorn without compromising her reputation.
(Just under 7,000 words)

            A criminal doing time in a virtual reality jail participates in a living history exercise designed to increase empathy.

            Lily’s mom is gone and she’s staying with her dad now, in the remote Outer Islands, disconnected from the connected world – and then she meets an intelligent sea cow who may have a solution to her problem.
 (Just over 7,000 words)

A shaggy dog story for Halloween.
(2,774 words)

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