Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Viscerally Reacting to the Hugos

The other day I called up my blog and Google was down. I was briefly convinced it was all because I used Sensitive Words in that one post about the Hugos, and that the SWAT team would be arriving any moment to subdue me. Even though George R.R. Martin had a similar visceral reaction and called the entire Related Works category a toxic swamp

As far as the other categories, the Rabid Puppies have made their mark on all of them, and File 770 did a handy scorecard. I think this is probably the last year they’ll be able to pull off the slate tactics given the proposed rule changes at the next Worldcon, so aside from that one category, I'm going to just vote for whatever I like the most. 

Part of the appeal of voting for Hugos has to do with receiving a curated package of the year’s best science fiction. This was torture last year, but this year’s nominees aren’t so bad – Stephen King’s in there, and Neal Stephenson. Plus My Little Pony tends to make me feel warm and happy inside.

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