Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexiting Up Is Hard To Do

I am in shock over Britain’s recent abandoning of the imperial system unifying and/or oppressing most of the planet (which they built). 

I’ve been thinking about Brexit-type situations for the past couple of years. It’s a plot point in my story, where one particularly difficult country struggles to get along with the others under an EU or UN type organization, with drastic trickledown effects on my hero. I had assumed this kind of situation would never actually happen in real life, thus making it an appropriate plot device for a kids’ adventure tale. That would never happen in real life, actual countries have smart and mature people governing them to prevent stupidness from occurring – or so I thought, back when I was more naïve.

Now I almost want to write a story in which Sony-Disney-Amazon buy England and turn it into a theme park, with fake jousting in Buckingham Palace and animated projections of dragons and pirate ships flying over London all night. With an intrepid party of five children trying to escape from it, in homage to E. Nesbit. But I can’t, because if it turned out to be prophetic I’d feel just terrible.

Fortunately Amazon settled its class action against the voracious, predatory evil corporate publishers who killed the midlist, and as a result I got a nice fat credit. That I can spend on more books, to distract me from all this current events angst. Sweet.

I’ve spent my first chunk of windfall on all the Hugo nominated novels that I didn’t already have, i.e., Butcher and Stephenson. Even though I already have my free Hugo packet copy of Seveneves. I was so impressed with the inclusion of the whole thing that I bought it anyway, just so I can read it on my phone. And I’m really falling hard for Seveneves. I’m not sure if I’ll make it through the Ancillary climax due to the mind stuff. While I could tolerate Stephen King’s recent lapse into mind stuff, I don’t know Ms. Leckie as well as Stephen King) (the gender stuff is fine, it’s the mind stuff that sets my teeth on edge).

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