Thursday, June 23, 2016

Two Of My Favorite Writers Interview Each Other

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they collaborated on the end of A Song of Ice and Fire? Yeah, yeah, I can dream.

Mr. King provided me with some more shining examples of role modely goodness. He admitted that he did The Dark Tower without any interference from any meddling editors, and he stressed the importance of cranking out six pages a day (geez!), and Mr. Martin talked about youthful memories of composition books with black marbled covers full of handcrafted science fiction.

They spend some time talking about the latest American mass murder committed by a deranged closet case Afghani with a high powered gun in Orlando. I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling slightly less hostile toward the Puppies this year, but after checking out their blogs following the Orlando incident, I was reminded that I disagree with them on a very fundamental level. I’m going to try not to slander them, though, because I’m Lawful and slander goes against my alignment.

I also think it’s reasonable to put a lot of obstacles in the way of people who subscribe to the chaotic and/or evil alignments and high-powered firearms.  And until humans finally succeed at developing a way to reliably distinguish those who subscribe to the good alignment from everybody else, that probably translates to putting obstacles in everybody’s way with regard to firearms. Once we have a nice consistent evilscanner, we can resume letting all the good guys who want to be good guys with guns have enough guns to massacre hundreds of innocent unsuspecting noncombatants within minutes. Assuming they still want them.

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