Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Getting Blacklisted 1A

This article popped up in one of my social media feeds today. Now I know I’ve mentioned being blacklisted, and that mainly has to do with philosophical arguments and/or boyfriend stealing that happened in the past involving me and people who work/worked in the corporate sci fi industry, not libel. I’m nowhere near as good as this guy at sabotaging myself.  

In fact, I may have even queried that particular agent.  I’d have to check my files to see if she was the one who said she didn’t get a science fiction feel from my sample chapter (because I’m doing climate-changed-far-future rather than aliens and robots in space). That was actually some good advice, because once I figured out I was an oddball the need to force myself into some kind of corporate fiction straitjacket vanished. It was liberating.

Hearing about events like this pitch session in Texas also sort of influenced me in the self pub direction. I wouldn’t want to give a 10-minute pitch, and I’d balk at paying $50 for the privilege. I suck at speech-based interaction, so unless I could sing my pitch while accompanying myself on guitar, I’d probably fail. I also don’t think I’d take kindly to blithely ditching my genre and heading somewhere else – just to pump out formulaic corporate stuff that nobody really enjoys. 

I hope I would never say mean things about actual living, breathing people like this author though. That’s just nasty.  

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