Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 Hugos, in Retrospect

It’s been interesting reading back over my Hugo-related bloggage. For instance, for best novel, at first I was going to issue a dirty and corrupt vote for Seveneves. Then I had difficulty living with myself over this decision and bought/read most of the nominees. And then, I still ended up voting for Seveneves because I enjoyed the experience of reading it and it jump-started my imagination.

I also tormented myself a little over best movie, when I knew deep down in my heart there was only one movie that would win. I’ve heard The Martian called various things, including competence porn, in attempts to explain away why it charmed so many people. It had many features that fascinated me – the publisher-bypassing indie, the freshness of the voice, the agenda-less construction in an age when everything seems like it’s trying to sell you something you don’t need. Like more Star Wars toys.

I’ve been packing for Midamericon 2 while binging on that last season of Game of Thrones and trying to decide if I want to stand in GRRM’s autograph line, and looking up menus for nearby restaurants online, searching for foods that won’t offend my stomach too severely. I’ve also been enjoying new videogame content in WoW and Hearthstone, and I'm joining a startup WoW guild on a European server made up of people I’m in a Facebook group with, and we'll see where that goes. The novel is chugging along nicely through a Robert Sheckley inspired virtual reality interlude, now that I’m past that harrowing boat fight. It's good with me; hope it's good with you too.


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