Monday, August 8, 2016

Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor

It’s nice to get back to my normal everyday checking-out-the-competition reading, as opposed to my Hugo reading (or the stuff I read purely for pleasure that isn’t really related to YA but occasionally bleeds through – bios and politics and grownup fiction and the like).

Into the Dim is some stiff competition, and it even crosses over into the reading-for-pleasure category. It looks like the beginning of a series -- we have a villainess and her family, a tribe of good guys (the heroine just learned she’s a member), and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Seriously, at her coronation, with Thomas a Becket serving as villain.

Hope Walton learns, after her mother’s death, that she comes from a time traveling clan, plus mom’s not really dead, she’s just trapped back in the past, with the good Queen. Hope’s main superpower is her photographic memory, and mom has taken full advantage of her storage capacity by raising her on time-traveling quality history books, without divulging the family secret. Naturally Hope has a burning desire to go back and rescue mom. Highjinks occur.

This is a nice page-turner of an adventure story. It’s nice to see a brainiac heroine – actually, more of a USB-full-of-reference-books heroine, as opposed to some kind of kung fu fashion model. I believe I learned about this one in the comments at File 770 (my go-to literary guide these days). 

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