Saturday, August 27, 2016

Worldcon: Cavalcade of Name Dropping

I’m only namedropping my Business Networking Type Contacts, by the way. Not convos with Filers or random people that I happened to stumble across (my favorite type of conversation to have).  I don’t want to turn into one of those people that blogs about everyone they talk to, because I think privacy is marvelous.  If any names I have dropped, kicked or linked agree that privacy is awesome and do not wish to be publicized on a silly blog like mine, please say something and I’ll make the reference go away, and please accept my apologies in advance. Conversely, if I talked to you or possibly even just glanced at you but neglected to drop your name and you'd like to be dropped, shoot me a comment. 

So I finally made it off the couch and over to my suitcase for my stack of bizcards, but before I did that, I spent a good while reading File 770 comments by other people that were at Worldcon.  Doctor Science was ruminating on the right/privilege/reasonable expectation to personal safety while in public.  It kind of hit home because right now in my very neighborhood there is a lurking assaulter who randomly punches women of my demographic in the face – he has broken two noses so far. A good reason to stay at home nurturing my videogame addiction and working on volume 2, in my humble opinion.  

M. Sophia Newman at Literary Hub, where they have an awesomebunny editor gif on the front page, wrote a nice piece about pornographer ChuckTingle that doesn’t really have any actual porn in it. It’s a nice read, especially for folks interested in neurodiversity.  

I hung out with various Filers at a gathering organized by Hampus at the Flying Saucer.

Heather Rose Jones was there, being her awesome noob-welcoming self.  

Alexandra Erin was there, having a footwear malfunction. 

More people were there, but that pineapple fruitbeer appears to have wiped much of my memory. 

I personally thanked Matthew Johnson on behalf of the SFWA for letting self-pubbed writers in. 

The Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA) is something I have always wanted to join. You have to publish a science fiction book to get in, and when I headed toward self-pub I figured I was saying goodbye to the whole idea of respectable things like professional orgs. Now all I have to do is sell $3k worth of books and I can join!  Good incentive to get off my butt and distribute more PR. 

In the dealer’s room, I got a free signed copy of Douglas A. Van Belle’s novel Breathe, a space romance-thriller which opened randomly to sex scenes, twice. Maybe I’ll read the rest of it.

Ozgur K. Sahin, meanwhile, was very charming and personable as he discussed his novel The Wrath of Brotherhood, which I just bought on Amazon. Because it’s about pirates. (I’m a purported blood relative of Bartholomew Roberts,FYI.) 

I’ve got a bookmark here for Clarion West writers’ workshops. Maybe someday I’ll come out of my hermit’s cave and develop an interest in being convivial with other writers.

I remember getting the Apex Book Company bookmark, and I remember chatting with someone around the time I acquired it, but I don’t recall the details. They’re an indie press that does spec fic with cool covers.

A promo bookmark for Stay Crazy by Erica L. Satifka.  “The twelve pills Em Kalberg takes every day should keep her anxiety and paranoia in check. So when a voice that calls itself Escodex begins talking to her from a box of frozen chicken nuggets, she’s sure that it’s real and not another hallucination.  Well … pretty sure.”  This sounds fun, kind of like Christopher Moore with some neurodiversity, and I just bought it.  Can’t remember if I talked to her though.

Persistent Visions is a spec fic journal; I had a nice chat about small doggies with someone there.
Ivery Kirk and Luna Teague were two fun girls that write something called Time Bangers, which I just bought, but won’t review here, because it’s about time travel and sex. Moving right along!

Pegasus Publishing has a Cthulhuania division. How can you not love that?

Tim Susman was recommended by someone at SFWA as someone knowledgeable about self publishing; he writes for the furry community.  

J. Tullos Hennig has gorgeous promotional bookmarks, and she writes about Robin Hood … in a not entirely heterosexual way. 

Nikki McCormack wrote a novel called The Girl and the Clockwork Cat which sounds interesting.

I have a visually stunning bookmark decorated with a Hydra advertising Telling Tales: The Clarion West 30th Anniversary Anthology.  

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