Sunday, August 21, 2016

Worldcon Memories

I'll probably write some stuff eventually, but for now I am egg zosted, so here are some visuals.

Kansas City, Missouri
I got stuck in this hotel way off in the boondocks and infested with cicadas, but it had a good view.

Filer Park
A good spot to sit around reading. I found some cool ribbons there :D 


 Storytime with Uncle George
He was telling us about how the princes and princesses of Westeros used to get dragon's eggs, which they'd sleep with, hoping for a hatchling. And also about the mad jester Mushroom, and other interesting things.

It Inspired Me To Go Conquer Westeros
I had to deal with Cersei first, but it didn't take long.

And Then I Celebrated My Conquest By Eating This Steak
That was a really tasty steak. 

And Then I Went To The Hugo Awards
Where I sat behind an impeccably barbered head in the File 770 cheering section.
[Psst, Doctor Science -- it was a peach gummy (imported from Japan!) and you were very brave to eat it without knowing that. Sorry about the acoustic properties of the candy bag.]

And Then I Came Home To A Reproachful Expression

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