Monday, October 3, 2016

New Hugo Category: Best Series

The Hugos are tentatively adding the category of Best Series, and File 770 posted a list of eligible works. If I aspired to greatness I’d mention my stuff falls within the parameters, but I’m more of an acquired taste that won’t be appreciated until long after I’m gone.  

Rather, I thought I’d mention the consternation I’ve seen from other prospective nominators as they ask themselves “am I supposed to read all that stuff?” Some of these works are capable of taking up their own library wing, such as Eric Flint’s 1632, which inspired a whole industry of historical riffs.

The most agonizing thing about that list is the fact – I repeat, fact – that at least one of the series on it is so good that I’ll stay up late reading it. Possibly more. With millions more words standing in the way, trying to discourage me from reading anything at all. 

The same obstacles stand between me and my quirky cult readership. Mountain ranges of words, steep and daunting. Guarded by gatekeepers who like entirely different types of books than we do.

Someday we’ll find each other! Until then, we now have a gigantic reading list if we should happen to run out of books which probably isn’t likely knowing us.

Someday we’ll have disembodied brains in jars who have enough time to read and summarize everything and point us toward the good stuff. Maybe one of them will be mine. 

EDIT: Can't resist sneaking in Yet Another Booklist I encountered shortly after this one.  Not series (not all of them anyway) but lots of sparkling gems.

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