Thursday, October 20, 2016

Smarter Literati

File 770 is just lighting up my circuits tonight. Here's another linked story about shoddy research in litfic, which I agree is extra unforgivable given the snotty intellectual pretentions of litfic in general.

It made me flash on a book I'm reading now, which you don't want to read (it's for a book club I'm thinking of joining).  The main character is a middle-aged man, and to me it's apparent he falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum (orderly mind, not too sociable, unfiltered speech). And meanwhile the author is speculating, Freudianly, about what kind of upbringing could have caused him to be like this. While mocking him in an ableist way. I'm wondering if a love interest is going to appear and inspire this main character to be more of a free-spirited hippie, thus making him a happy neurotypical. That's exactly the kind of anti-neurodiversity approach I'm trying hard to avoid, so this book is actually good research, even though it's pissing me off with its badly dated science.

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