Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brain Fingerprints!!

Enough writing about politics and making new enemies (and/or reminding old enemies why they hate me)! In fact, I stumbled across a thoughtful piece earlier today where the author admitted they wanted to punch a Stein voter, and I kind of agreed until I thought about it.

Then I found something even better: an article about brain fingerprints!  Linking to a legit sounding study!  At least it sounds legit to me; please comment if it's not.

Why am I so thrilled? Personal vindication. Nope, you can't body swap and yes, my ideas about digital people living alongside flesh and blood people haven't been contradicted yet.  No, there are no blank slates. Yes, we're all individuals, even twins have wildly divergent brains if you look at the connections beyond the DNA.

Yes, there are probably a myriad of things that can change your connections, BUT -- if everyone's different, than so are the changes. A movie could give me nightmares while inspiring you to make the world a better place while boring the crap out of him and making her laugh and bringing them to tears.  So could a novel, for that matter (such as mine).

And yes, the more tribal and isolated we get, the more we lose the ability to relate to all that diverse neurology out there. And yes, there are all kinds of fabulous brains. Non-repeating brains. Distinctive individual brains. Beautiful human brains, capable of love and art and electing good presidents. Fallible and foolish brains too.  Brains that can communicate and form strategy. Brains that are not all the same size.

Some days when I'm feeling pessimistic I wonder if science will suddenly overrule all this laborious science fiction I've been writing, by coming up with some study that controverts everything. So far that hasn't happened, and apparently I'm walking hand in hand with the information zeitgeist, which makes me feel happy inside.

My extremely individual brain is imagining I'm raising a toast (because I don't actually drink very much) to you, dear reader, and your own non-replaceable quirky individual brain.  May we eventually find our way into a world where all the brains are precious and none of them are exploited or taken for granted or deactivated before their time.

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