Sunday, November 13, 2016

Neurodiversity and Music

Here's something that popped up in my Facebook feed about how some people just don't like music, and it's a physical anomaly detectable on MRI.

I was raised by people like that. And I confess I immediately thought about how Republicans only seem interested in Ted Nugent and church music, with an overwhelming majority of musicians leaning left. There are probably conservatives who like music -- country/western jumps to mind -- but it does seem like the current conservative-liberal split is overlapping with the distinction between anhedonics and music-likers.

I immediately thought of doing a short story about someone with musical anhedonia in a society where 90% are musical -- and language is tonal (like many Asian languages are), and people sing formal things like greetings and introductions, and the anhedonic are forced to use all kinds of cheats and apps that count cycles-per-second to integrate successfully into society.  Except I'm busy wrestling with Sonny Knight right now, so I'm throwing that idea out there for anyone interested.

I suppose you could also write a story about anhedonics outnumbering/oppressing the music-likers, sort of like Footloose or Yellow Submarine, but there's lots of competition.

Neurodiversity is some fascinating stuff.

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