Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Mean Girl at HuffPo Disses Self-Pubbers, a Puppy Snarls in Defense

Here I am linking another Puppy. It’s all part of my deliberate “listen to what the conservatives are yapping about” program, which hopefully will decrease my prejudice against the people while honing my focus regarding the issues. Anyway, here’s Larry Correia, original gangsta Puppy, leaping to the defense of self-pubbers against mean girl Laurie Gough, who wrote a sneering piece in HuffPo about how we self-pubbers are all a bunch of losers.

I’m copying it here because I hear sentiments like Gough’s from time to time, and Correia’s comeback is far more detailed, vigorous and cite-ridden than anything I could come up with. 

Again, I’m self-pubbed because my initial story came out quirky and because I’ve already pissed off enough gatekeepers in the corporate science fiction establishment to the point where I’d never know whether a rejection was based on the merits of my scribbling. I’ve heard tales about books like Watership Down and Harry Potter being rejected a great many times, and my book isn’t even that good. 

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