Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Most Incredibly Detailed Character Questionnaire In The World

I found this 18-page character questionnaire on Reddit today. My mind was pleasantly boggled. I began filling one out for Sonny Knight but I only got a couple pages into it before I had to stop.

General Characteristics

Name:                  Sonny Knight (Leroy Joseph Knight)
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine. This can sometimes be combined with the Name parameter.)
Sixteen year old boy, average sized. Brown hair, skin, eyes. Sleepy-looking eyes. Mostly forgettable.
Symbol: (What symbol helps identify your character? Family symbols can also count. Again, descriptions are fine.)
               He’s more of a chameleon.
Pronunciation: (Spelled Pronunciation Legend / IPA Legend) Rhymes with “Honey, write.”
Name Origin: (Where did your character's name come from and why did their parents choose it for them?)
The doctor called him “Sonny” while reviving him from his first near-fatal accident; since his chimes had been rung extra hard it took him hours to remember that his name is really Leroy. Sonny becomes his new name as he embarks upon his newly adventurous life.
Name Meaning: (What does your character's name mean in the context of your story?)
(1)   That he has a sunny disposition; (2) that he has parents, whom he is constantly trying to rescue; (3) the character seems to think it’s much more badass than his given name.
Other Names: (Nicknames, pen names, pet names, superhero names, etc.)
Titles: (Prefixes, suffixes, etc. Wikipedia has a great list of these here.)
Alternate Forms: (What can your character turn into, voluntarily or involuntarily, while retaining control over that form or not? Descriptions are fine. An entirely new character sheet would be best.)
ID Number: (What number(s) and/or letter(s) identify your character?) Example: Murky Number Seven's number is, well, 7.
Theme Song:
               Sunny by Bobby Hebb
Zodiac: (What astronomical sign does you character identify under? It could eastern, western, or your own invention.)
               Leo (the sign ruled by the sun).

Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: August 2, 3733
Birth Name: (What name did your character's parents give them at birth?)
Leroy Joseph Knight. The Joseph is for a friend of mine that encouraged me while I was starting to write.  “Leroy” means king, and he comes from Royal Beach, a democratic monarchy where many people incorporate regal titles into their names.  He is also named for Mervyn LeRoy, honcho at MGM responsible for greenlighting The Wizard of Oz, which plays a minor part in the book. His dad is a film studies professor.  (His little sister’s name is Marilyn.) (Used to have a dog named Oscar.)
Birth Place:
               Royal Beach, Braganza
Birth Weight:
Birth Length:
Manner of Birth: (How did their birth happen? Were they an accident? Did they kill their mother upon birth? Did they come out upside-down?)
I’m sure they have a super painless and wonderful way of dealing with labor and delivery in 3748, but it’s beyond the scope of my YA adventure series.
First Word(s):    Ummm?  Whoa?  Ouch?  Something like that.
Death Date: (Leave this blank if you don't know when they will die. You can always fill it in later.)
Age at Death:    You know, this whole line of inquiry is so spoilery that I just can’t.
Death Place:
Resting Place: (Where is the body of your character now or where will it be put once they die?)
Manner of Death: (How did your character die?)
Last Words:
Primary Objective:          Rescue parents.
Secondary Objectives:   Get good grades, go to college, settle down with girl that has nice boobies.
                                             In book 1, get home. In book 2, reunite with family. In book 3, get family home.
Priorities: (What does your character put before all other things in their life?)
Other people. It’s very subtle, but he’s a selfless guy, and it causes him a lot of pain to be ostracized and alienated, although he wears it bravely. He always tries to make friends and fit in, and he’s intrigued by foreign customs.
Motivation: (What motivates your character to do the things they do?)
               Good intentions.
Accomplishments: (What has your character accomplished already?)
               Nada. Parents are a little worried.
Greatest Achievement: (What has your character already accomplished that they are most proud of?)
               Becoming famous for a viral video in which he accidentally got kicked in the face.
Failures: (What has your character failed at in the past?)
               See above. Also, earning applause and standing out.
Biggest Failure: (What does your character consider their biggest failure?)
               See above.
Self-Confidence: (How much confidence doe your character have in themself?)
               This increases steadily.
Traumas: (What past occurrences negatively affect your character in the present?)
               Hahahahahahahahaha.  [wheeze] [sip of apple cider] Hahahahahahaha.
Afflictions: (What present occurrences negatively affect your character?)
At the moment he’s in jail looking at a fifteen year stretch and hundreds of people are suing him; his primary crush is in love with someone else, his secondary crush (who is becoming primary) is in solitary confinement (plus she's hospitalized with pneumonia) because she committed multiple murders (while defending Sonny). He’s also living in a vat and interacting as an avatar in a virtual reality. But his present negativity keeps changing, every ten pages or so it gets worse. 
Embarrassments: (What kinds of things is your character embarrassed about? These can be internal, such as a birthmark, or external, such as their friends' behaviors.)
               Lack of remarkableness, being more of an applauder than a performer.
Worries:              Constantly.  Who could blame him?
Soothers: (What calms your character down?)     Sailing. His dog.
Instigators: (What might cause your character to be reminded of traumas, afflictions, worries, etc.?)
               (e) All of the above.
Earliest Memory:            Watching a movie.
Fondest Memory:           Probably involves boobies.
Worst Memory:               Probably the pliosaur attack.
Favorite Dream:              Stresslessness.
Worst Nightmare:           The last ten pages.
Desires: (What does your character want that they know they could possibly have?)
His crush to actually fall in love with him instead of tricking him into a sham marriage to thwart the rules.  Assuming the could is a typo for couldn't.
Wishes: (What might your character want that they know probably isn't going to happen or is impossible?)
Regrets: (What has your character done that they wish they could take back?)
Secrets: (What does your character know that must not be told to anyone?)
Confidantes: (Who or what does your character feel safe sharing their secrets with?)
Soft Spots: (What kinds of things does your character go out of their way to help?)
Cruel Streaks: (What kinds of things does your character go out of their way to assault?)
Musical Instrument: (What instrument can your character play, if any?)
Quirks: (What about your character makes them unique?)
Dominant Hand: (Are they right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?)
Catchphrase: (Is there a specific phrase that your character is known for repeating often?)
Autograph: (What does your character's signature look like? Descriptions are fine.)

I give up.  Anyway, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys making up super detailed people that don’t exist, you might want to check it out.

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