Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Farming For Love

I’m not a very dedicated World of Warcraft [“WoW”] player anymore, but at one time I was. I have all twelve classes at max level, plus an extra druid who spies on the Alliance, and I keep them kinda updated with the latest expansion. My main is a troll shadow priest that I made deliberately because it was the least popular combination, and she’s got over 19k achievement points.

I think I keep it up because somewhere at the back of my mind, it’s an instant hobby. With very little effort, I could go hop into a guild and then find myself sitting on my couch chatting with a bunch of people from everywhere as we slay dragons together in coordinated fashion. And yet I haven’t done that, because I’m focusing on my writing, but I could. If I weren’t being so asocial.

I’ve always been the kind of introvert that needs a day or two of isolation to recharge after doing majorly sociable things like concerts or airports or parties. Lately I’ve become even more introverted, for many reasons. Some of my friends are avoiding everyone since the election. Some may be ghosting me, or perhaps I’m ghosting them, or it could be mutual. I’m avoiding people with negative politics on all sides of the spectrum. As John Lennon once said, “If you want money for people with minds that hate, all I can tell you is brother you’ll have to wait.”

There’s this thing in WoW, the Big Love Rocket. It’s approximately a 1-in-a-thousand drop, and I’ve got at least 250 failed attempts under my belt – can’t quit now!  It’s available for two weeks every February, for Valentine’s Day, making it a perfect way for us asocial types to kick back while all that smooching is going on out there. 

Note that I said asocial, not antisocial. I don’t dislike people, even the hateful-minded ones that I’m avoiding the most strenuously.  I just don’t want to be around them, right now. While I’m working on farming my Big Love Rocket. By sending my entire squad of WoW characters into the encounter. Thirteen characters, once a night, every night, for two weeks. 

I wouldn’t rule out falling in love, if an appropriate lover happened to appear, but my definition of appropriate has been getting progressively more difficult over the years. Plus most lovers typically want to do silly things like leave the house rather than staying home and writing, which is the main thing I want to do. 

The Big Love Rocket is pretty awesome. It’s all red and phallic, with zebra-striped upholstery. You can have your animated characters fly around on it.

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