Saturday, March 4, 2017

For True Gatekeepers Only

Today I came across another one of those lists of books every true science fiction fan should read, which had a few decent books on it that I haven't read yet, so I'm saving it here for the next time I find myself having a conundrum about what to read.

Yet again, I am reminded that I am not a true science fiction fan despite decades of reading science fiction, and all because my reading tastes don't mesh with those of some gatekeeper. At least the gatekeepers are biased in favor of female authors now.

Meanwhile, every true gatekeeper knows that the absolute best gates are:
1.            The Golden Gate Bridge
2.            Bill Gates
3.            Watergate
4.            Gifted And Talented Education
5.            Lionsgate Films
6.            Brandenberg Gate
7.            Heaven’s Gate (the film, not the suicide cult)
8.            Number 8 will shock you!
9.            Piper at the Gates of Dawn Devil Gate Drive
10.          Gateau au chocolat

EDIT: Actually I'm going to replace Pink Floyd with Suzi Quatro (because I've listened to it more times).

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