Thursday, March 30, 2017

Future Conventions, Vacations and Novels

For a science fiction novelist, I’m terrible about planning for the future. I can manage to plan my own vacations, sometimes, when they don't have a bunch of variables. For example, right now either (a) I’ll get a Comic Con pass next weekend or (b) I won’t get into Comic Con so I’ll go to Hawai'i instead. Since (b) might even be more interesting than (a), I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t score a Comic Con ticket next weekend.

Comic Con would be fun, especially since … ZOMG! … the creator of the only mainstream comic book I actually like will be there.

Groo is, I suppose, technically a parody of Conan, but it’s so much more. The world’s dumbest barbarian swordsman (and his faithful dog, Rufferto) quest their way through a fantasy universe filled with unforgettable characters, screwing up everything they touch.  You can keep your Wolverines and your Batmen and your Spidermen and all those other oh-so-serious lantern-jawed paragons of testosterone and angst. I will take Groo, with a side of cheese dip. And his artist, Sergio Aragones, is the guy who drew all those little cartoons in the margins of Mad Magazine that used to enchant me as a child. It would definitely be worth heading into the belly of the lantern-jawed beast if I could spend some of it hanging out with Groo.

Whereas, if I go to Hawai’i instead, I can catch either HawaiiCon which is celebrating Star Wars this year, woohoo) or the Maui Comic Con in September (they’ve still got last year’s website up so I’m not going to link it but their Facebooking is current), both of which sound appealing.

Meanwhile, I’m also starting to think about what I’m going to write after the current series is done. 
At the moment it’s down to three different directions:

The present day medical thriller: a cure is invented for a brain disorder that formerly left its victims trapped in a world of scrambled information; now they’re much smarter (and more employable) than neurotypicals – how do they handle it, and can they defeat the asshole trying to get rich off the patent?

The Space Opera Series, which can go in several different ways, or all of them.

The fantasy excursion: I know there’s an emperor, and some pirates, mermaids, amazons on horseback and a snaggletoothed old lady who is kind of a cross between Gandalf and the Wicked Witch of the West.  I know there’s a posse of princesses trying to pull off a caper, and their success depends on whether they can overcome catty rivalries and work as a team. I’m not sure about the details, such as whether I really want to write fantasy in the first place. 

I'm forecasting about a ninety percent chance of space, but you never can tell.

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