Friday, March 10, 2017

Pending Adventures

I’ve moved on to the next phase of jury duty, which is called “can’t talk about it” (*waves mutely at any paralegals tasked with reading this blog as part of an actual work assignment*). And I never did get that dang Big Love Rocket in World of Warcraft despite 13x14 attempts. And I’m listlessly eyeballing my way through novels that I haven’t felt like reviewing, and I’m being too much of a wuss to assertively promote my novel that came out last month, because I feel it's only about an eight of ten, and the one coming out next month is much better. It’s like I’m wallowing in the swamps of entropy.

There is a bright and shining future, however, and here’s what I plan to do with it:

One Sunny Night: the new paperback edition.
Amazon has gifted us self-pubbies with the ability to make even better paperbacks, as I discovered when publishing Sieging Manganela. I plan to give One Sunny Night the same treatment, maybe even this weekend.

Coming Very Soon: Retrograde Horizon
This is one that I’m going to assertively promote. Master artist Brian Allen is making the cover right now, while I’m typing away at that pesky last chapter with maybe 40 pages left before I stitch everything together and apply that final coat of primer and buff out the plot holes. RH is about how sometimes the faster you go forward, the farther behind you get. I am very proud of this book, which is the middle of the Sonny Knight trilogy, and I promise to tell you more about it soon.

Chilling at Conventions
I’ve already mentioned aiming towards San Diego Comic Con, and we’ll see if I pull it off. I’m also probably going to show up at SiliconValley Comic Con in April, Baycon in May and San Francisco Comic Con in September. Maybe more!  I’m not doing anything as formal and organized as getting a booth since first I need to write a bunch of books so as to have something to occupy all that booth space.  I’ll mainly be chilling, and throwing promo bookmarks and business cards around, and fangirling, and maybe doing some low impact cosplay … hmm, there’s gotta be a character somewhere that wears jeans and converses and a plain black t-shirt.  I won’t be attending Worldcon this year, since Helsinki is farther than I feel like going, but I’m definitely going next year in San Jose.

Coming Next Year: A Dark and Stormy Day
The last of the trilogy, in which all outstanding plot threads are resolved.

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