Friday, March 31, 2017

Marketing Across Political Factions

I recently had the experience of watching some internet brutality get inflicted on a leftish antagonist from my past by some rightish antagonists from my present. Right up to the point where I got queasy and had to alt+F4. The whole experience emphasized and underlined why I try to keep my political writings abstract and metaphorical. 

Sometimes this puts me in a bit of a pickle. One of my lefty friends posted a thread on Facebook recently, which started out asking “Why can’t I find a YA adventure story with an ensemble cast where only one of them is white, and the white guy isn't everybody's boss?”

And I thought, “Well, I wrote that book. However, it takes place in a world where race is a cosmetic choice unless you’re one of those genealogy buffs, so it probably doesn’t address all the issues you’d like to see addressed, plus you sound like the kind of person who would probably have other issues with it, such as why it doesn’t have a female protagonist. And I don't want to get converged on by people hating on me because I wrote a book with a non-female protagonist, so I'm not even going to reply."

It reminded me of the time when one of my righty friends posted on Facebook about wanting a story that didn’t have a lot of social justice warrior elements constantly bopping him over the head, wasn’t focused on sex, didn’t go out of its way to insult the usual array of conservative targets such as people of faith and involved an intact nuclear family that was functional and affectionate. In a setting that wasn’t too nihilistic.

And I thought, “I wrote that book too! However, there are quite a lot of brown people. And although they mention churches occasionally, they never actually go inside. The women characters aren’t subservient at all. Nobody says grace. There are occasional cuss words. Most of all, this is a book by a non-hot lady who lives in San Francisco with a cat, so it can’t be any good, according to conservative dudes, and I don't want to get converged on by people hating on me because I wrote a book as a female and then you put me on their radar, so I'm not even going to reply.”

I realize I’m going to have to get better at marketing eventually, and figure out how to offer both of those potential readers a pleasant few hours of brain candy bliss. 

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