Saturday, March 11, 2017

One Sunny Night – Now in Amazing New Paperback Edition!!!


So Amazon came up with an even better way to do paperbacks than the previous version from last year, as I found out when publishing Sieging Manganela earlier this year.

Even better – I corrected that pesky typo!  It now says “May” instead of “June” and everything is now chronologically correct and presumably perfect.

I’m sorry it costs so much. I set my prices at less than ten cents over cost for the paperback edition, but the fatter the book, the more dead trees are involved. It works just as good on an e-reader, in case you’ve been thinking about trying e-books.

Here’s what it says on the back cover (and I see Amazon's webpage has mutilated my formatting while the book cover wizard presumably kept it intact):

On March 20, 3748, terrorist clones in submarines made of bioengineered jellyfish attacked the stadium where fifteen-year-old Sonny Knight was watching the clashball championship game, kidnapping his family and his two best friends.

In volume one of his tale, One Sunny Night, he teams up with an international cast of characters and he makes his way home across the treacherous, volcano-strewn Caribbean Sea, over what’s left of North America, by way of some splendid futuristic cities and rustic villages and pliosaurs and tsunamis and cattle stampedes and train wrecks. While being pursued by more terrorist clones, and outwitting megalodons, and suffering a knee injury requiring surgery and physical therapy, and asking girls to rock concerts, and bouncing from one stressor to the next.

The Adventures of Sonny Knight series takes place in a post-dystopian future full of thrills, chills and marvels of bioengineering. It deliberately meddles with various classical storytelling systems and tropes while being highly saturated with esoteric symbology too.

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