Friday, March 17, 2017

Pixel Scroll and Hugo Noms

ZOMG, I made the Pixel Scroll!! 

For writing a book of science fiction. Wow. I may not be a famous one or a rich one or even a good one (yet), but I am in fact a science fiction novelist, which is something I was born to be. Achievement unlocked!

I must say, I am really enjoying the science fiction community these days. I approached a couple years ago with extreme trepidation, expecting a vicious roiling cauldron of mean culture warriors, and while there's a bit of that, there is also a lot of book-bonding, which is a rare and magical experience that can overcome most political impasses and blood feuds.

I submitted my Hugo noms last night (below). I threw up my hands at short story, because there are so many of them, and I skipped plenty of categories, but I did manage to find plenty of excellent novels.

Below is a summary of your current nominating ballot:

- Arabella of Mars; David Levine; Tor
- The Raven and the Reindeer; T. Kingfisher; Red Wombat Tea Co.
- Spiderlight;  Adrian Tchaikovsky; Tor
- The Fireman; Joe Hill; William Morrow Paperbacks
- Lovecraft Country; Matt Ruff; Harper

- The Ballad of Black Tom; Victor LaValle; Tor

Dramatic Long:
- Moana; Disney
- Rogue One; Disney

Dramatic Short:
- Contrapasso; Westworld
- The Door; Game of Thrones

Fan Writer:
- Chuck Tingle; His website

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