Thursday, March 9, 2017

Review: The Final Reconciliation by Todd Keisling

Lately I've read a few good novels inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. I've mentioned a couple already, and today I finished The Final Reconciliation, which is a Lovecraftian take on rock and roll.

It's about Aidan, guitar player in a band called the Yellow Kings.  The kind of music they play isn't described in detail but I imagined it as being somewhere between metal and punk and art rock, maybe like Motorhead meets Blue Oyster Cult. The band is originally from hardscrabble Kentucky. They hit enough of the big time to record in Los Angeles, where they meet a mysterious and scary groupie who talks them into playing a mysterious gig, and Lovecraftian highjinks ensue.

As you know from reading my review of Wylding Hall last year, I'm a sucker for a rock and roll book, and this one is definitely enjoyable. I also seem to be a sucker for Lovecraft-inspired books lately, or maybe they're just fashionable. I have funny associations with Lovecraft. My first interest was acquired from a boyfriend, so I tend to associate Lovecraft with bucolic boat rides and bedtime stories as we smugly giggled over crazy pretend-uncle Howard, ranting at the clouds in isolated New England. Sure he's racist and nihilistic and bleak, he's also as comforting as a warm bath. It's nice to see the bath has grown big enough to encompass rock bands and black people and it seems like it just keeps getting bigger.

This is some particularly nice Lovecraftiana, very visual, with lots of implied-sexy as opposed to graphic-and-gross.  You can find the Amazon link via this link from the very awesome Speculative Fiction Showcase (which coincidentally also has a little love for Sieging Manganela).

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