Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The next book is nearly ready to launch. I’ve been going through the last of my editorture, sandblasting the typos away and making sure all the tenses are relaxed. Today I learned the difference between Copy Editors and Story Editors – I’ve been doing a little of both but I usually do them in separate passes.

Copy Editors nail all the typos. While you can technically do this with spellcheck, that’s not the entire story – spellcheck doesn’t care about your roll models or your deep incite, or if you go around ising when you should’ve ared, or whether your Oxford commas look more like Yale, Harvard, or Stanford. 

The Story Editor, meanwhile, is the one who goes through your story pointing out continuity errors. For instance, maybe a character claimed his grandma was dead on p. 77 but now on p. 131 she’s sending him a birthday card. Some of my biggest continuity headaches have to do with whether my hero has wrecked his deld yet (“deld” is short for handheld and is a future smartphone, usually printed on a demiglove -- my hero can't seem to hold onto one for very long), plus there’s a memorable scene in Chapter 6 where he almost had a pair of Schrodinger’s Shoes, simultaneously lost and worn.

When I’m composing, I type much faster than I can think, so I typically have at least a few typos to keep my copy editor side happy and fulfilled. I tend to make the story editor side way tougher than it needs to be, such as the time I had one character keep a lie afloat for an entire novel, or when I wrote an entire short novel because a flashback was getting too verbose.

The editing is taking a while, which is why I’m not launched yet, which is why I’m not going to San Jose Comic Con this weekend, but it should happen by Bay Con next month. 

Maybe some day when I’m a great big deal of a writer I’ll have launch parties and such like. For now, I let myself stroll to the corner pub for a burger, feeling like someone who has just had a big heavy tumor excised. 

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