Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hugo Awards: Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

First, I’d just like to say that Moana deserves this award.

And if she can’t have it, the award should go to Rogue One, the best Star Wars movie in decades. It might even be my favorite film in the whole franchise. No jedi! XXXXL engineering! XXXXL engineering failure! I-am-one-with-the-Force-the-Force-is-with-me! Jyn Erso! OMG that ending! Movies like this are the reason movies exist.

Now, as for all those other movies – and please note for the record I am not a movie viewer; last year my movie count consisted of Big Hero 6, Rogue One, Moana, Deadpool … ummm … probably that crappy Tarentino western Hateful 8, and then I had to watch Inglorious Basterds again for some positive Tarentino energy. Plus I watched Westworld, Outlander and Game of Thrones. I’m just not that into video. EDIT: I did see the live action Jungle Book, and thought it needed more Louis Prima.

Hidden Figures is a movie I’d like to see, but it’s not science fiction at all. It’s about black women mathemeticians working for NASA in the bad old days. If I manage to watch it before voting time I might reassess this category. It seems like a movie I would like.

Arrival is linguistics sci fi; doesn’t sound appealing.

Ghostbusters … well, first of all, I find the idea of remakes of SNL movies kind of low priority. I thought the first GB was cute the first twenty or so times I saw it. Then there was Saturday morning GB with Slimer, GB 2 and possibly more, GB everywhere. While I did enjoy the way it made the occult silly as opposed to scary, it’s one of those movies I’ve wound up seeing many more times than I need to, so the idea of watching it again in some kind of “endure it for feminism!” setting, as though I need to be guilt tripped into sitting through yet another attempt to wring money out of the GB franchise, and for the record, my values do not center around the movie selection process, that has more to do with people who worship movies, and I’ve already explained that I don’t – I was quite a cinemaphile in my twenties and thirtes, and oddly enough, even though I’ve been ignoring 99% of Hollywood’s output unless it has either droids or dinosaurs, most of the movies cinemaphiles discuss are ones I have seen – not to imply that modern movies suck or anything like that, but maybe SNL remakes are one potential explanation. Maybe this is a movie I’d like, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch it. 

Deadpool. Everyone I know likes Deadpool except for this hypothetical person that I made up to disguise the real one – Miss Marcy Marsupial, who despises loud vidya-game-like entertainment because she lives in a house of boys who blast it all the time, although she doesn’t realize she’s falling prey to the hatespray. That’s when, for example, you encounter some obnoxious narcissist – like Deadpool, but without the self-deprecating humor that makes him loveable. And this narcissist gets in your face and attacks you under the guise of religion-politics-feminism-videogames-freespeech-constrainedspeech – it doesn’t really matter, they adapt fast. And your takeaway is “gee, I really hate religion-politics-feminism-videogames etc.” Without considering that what you really hate are obnoxious narcissists. Anyway, Deadpool is not one of those, because he gets the stuffing beat out of him constantly, which gives him humility. Aside from Groo he is my favorite mainstream comics hero. And yet I can’t vote for him, because I love Rogue One too much.

My Vote: I want Rogue One to win all the awards to inspire all future movies to be more like it. Then I might watch more of them. So that’s the only movie I’m voting for.

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