Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Page Numbers … How Quaint

I was visiting my old pal [Name Redacted To Protect Privacy aka Nrp] tonight, and she happened to have copies of One Sunny Night and Retrograde Horizon, imagine that. She brought up a curious fact – my books lack page numbers.

Frankly, this whole business of numbering pages hadn’t occurred to me because I’ve been reading books at percentages for the last few years.

So if you have a paper copy of any of my books, you can tell it’s a first edition by the lack of page numbering. I’ll put out a second edition in June or July sometime and fix that.

It reminded me that the original draft was going to be exactly 360 pages. Twelve thirty-page chapters. It has since expanded to approximately twice that size.

Given the absolute lack of page numbering, I hereby decree that readers may highlight, annotate and turn over corners to their heart's content. They may use any found object as an impromptu bookmark. If they find any pages objectionable, they may rip them right out of the book and write better ones and staple them in.  As the author, I have authority to authorize this.  

It was cool hanging out with Nrp by the way. I think she is the awesomest singer in San Francisco. Yes, I know there are a lot of singers in San Francisco. I once played bass in a band with Nrp and her then-bf Mike (rest in peace), and while it never achieved epic status, it was lots of fun.  

One of the things we were talking about was reading books that formerly belonged to dead friends. Sometimes you'll find a little note, or an underlining, or a cartoon ripped out of a magazine, or an old boarding pass, or some other little touch that makes you think about the book's former owner reading those same exact words that are now passing through your own brain. So yeah, leave little clues in your books to let everyone know you passed through. Pristine is probably an unachievable ideal anyway.

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