Saturday, June 3, 2017

Three feet of cat

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's longest cat is Ludo, at 3 feet 10 inches. 

I was curious as to how Kahuna measured up, so recently when he was helping me make the bed, I chased him down with the measuring tape again. You're supposed to measure cat length from nose to tail tip, and as you can see, the top end fell off of his nose, while the tail end is hovering around 36", or three feet (ten inches shorter than Ludo).

These contests are biased in favor of Maine Coon cats by the way, which are long and slinky like cheetahs, as opposed to Ragdolls, which are stocky like little lions. I'd need a lot more upper body conditioning to hold Kahuna in the same position as Ludo in his portrait.

However, I can see Guinness' point -- if you measured cats by weight, or circumference, there would be a bunch of evil creeps fattening up their kitties to earn that prize.

It's just as well. Kahuna probably would hate being a celebrity. He doesn't like cars, or strangers, or breaks in routine.  He has a bad back, and wouldn't like being held up in weird uncomfortable poses.  I have a bad back too, and don't like holding him in weird uncomfortable poses. We spend a lot of time on the couch together.

He weighs somewhere between thirty-two and thirty-six pounds. He eats one-half cup of Orijen kibble every day for dinner, and he alternates every two weeks between a quarter cup of kibble and a can of Tiki Cat for breakfast.

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