Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Cory Doctorow column about optimistic science fiction

In which he seems to be laying claim to being the first person to write optimistic, plot-driven pulp science fiction.

I beg to differ.

Of course, I haven't been building brand cred, like Mr. Doctorow has been doing, steadily blogging for years at one of the few science fiction oriented blogs that never seems to run out of fresh content.  He's good at that.

He's good at writing novels, too.  I particularly enjoyed Little Brother.

I'm only halfway through the Becky Chambers book but she's got a similar thing going -- a future where there are efficient people/aliens/AIs just waiting around for things to go wrong so they can jump in and help.

I tell you, optimism is the way of the future. We're going to need industrial-sized quantities of it.

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