Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Regulars and Net Neutrality

According to the blog stats, this place has a lot of sporadic viewers who drop by to check out my Hugo stuff, or respond to my feeble attempts at PR.  It has a handful of regular viewers -- a small handful for a while, now it's getting to be a nice large fistful.

I'm not sure who all of you are -- I'm pretty certain about one (who owes me an email by the way) -- but the rest might be people from real life checking up on me, or fans of some of the other blogs I've done over the years, or enemies making sure I haven't said anything actionable.

I figure that people who hang out here are savvy enough to know about net neutrality without me having to shake a bunch of banners and gimmicks in their faces. I feel pretty strongly about not cluttering this place up with ads and malware and crap, and that includes not spamming you with political stuff.  Unfortunately, the entire foundation of net neutrality has to do with banners and gimmicks, and issues like whether I'll be able to keep running an ad-free blog with minimal clutter and plenty of words.  I did my obligatory click-to-contact-my-elected-representatives, and I've got faith those of you that are into computers are doing the same thing. I'm glad we can deal with it like grownups and therefore I don't have to resort to any sordid nagging and whining and popup windows.

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