Friday, July 7, 2017

Still Mourning

I wore black today.

Just so I won’t forget … pakoras, masala french fries, mini samosas, aloo kofta, spiced eggplant, jalfrezie beef, tandoori chicken and the most exquisite chicken tikka masala this side of London.  And for dessert, there was nutella tapioca pudding, mango pudding, the ever-wonderful gulab jamun and … this stuff

It’s called Suji Halva. It tastes like rich buttery ambrosia, with almonds and currants. I may actually have to learn to cook it.  

I wouldn’t say I’m a terribly serious foodie, but I am a person who frequents San Francisco restaurants, plus I'm familiar with the cuisine (even if I constantly forget the names of dishes), and this place was the best one I've ever encountered, by far.

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