Monday, August 7, 2017

Authors and Cons

I found this cool article by Francesca Barbini of Luna Press about authors and cons. At the moment I'm wistfully gazing at social media as people head off to Helsinki for Worldcon. I love Worldcon but not enough to brave expensive international travel for it.

If everything goes smoothly and I don't get nuked by that North Korean guy over my literary references to the United States of Korea, which totally exists in my fictional 3748, I intend to spend my golden years traveling around to conventions and nattering with the other science fictioneers, thus subsidizing my meager travel expenses.

She's not much for comic cons, while I'm still deliberating. I'm looking forward to San Francisco Comic Con on Labor Day weekend, and Hawaiicon right after that. Both have heavy media con features but also have material for writers and creatives. I think comics people might actually be more interested in my work than traditional book people, and one of my secret goals is to find people to collaborate with on comics or games. My style is very visual, even though I'm all about the words.

Some interesting things to think about!

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