Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dazzled By My New Monitor

Yesterday, which happened to be Friday, I came home to a bunch of weirdness on my computer, with windows open and a Nine Inch Nails shuffle playing, and I attributed it to either clashing auto-updates or my cat walking over the keyboard, since it basically looked like every icon on my desktop had been clicked a few times. I’m not going to attribute it to a virus just yet, but I am going to make a few backups. 

My monitor was hot – the weather was generally hot, with the newspaper comparing it to Hawai'I, interspersed with cold blasts of northwestern fog, resulting in humid weather switching between sweaty/stuffy to chilly/damp. Everything on my screen had a faint reddish cast, and was looking a little blurry.

I keep back up computer peripherals in the closet. A legacy from my game addict days. If my trackball or keyboard or whatever were to expire at 9:30pm, I could just unwrap a new one, without any potentially traumatic downtime. Unfortunately, my backup monitor didn’t have HDMI. I spent a moment reflecting on whether I could deal with a weekend of low resolution while ordering one on Amazon, or whether I had become the sort of spoiled princess who requires constant HDMI.

A few moments later I found myself standing on the corner, waiting for the Muni bus to Best Buy, a swift and lovely trip via the Presidio forest and the Golden Gate Bridge. In a bad mood nevertheless, because I don’t really like shopping in places with lots of visual distractions.

Now, due to this creature

I computerize from a couch (so that he can lie next to me with his head on my lap), equipped with a keyboard tray and a monitor on an arm which floats in front of my face at an adjustable distance. At one time, every monitor had four screwholes on the back where I could affix my arm, but that was back in the days when you could get perfectly good cheap monitors at Office Depot for $20. These days they cost more than TVs, which reminds me that I still haven’t gotten around to buying a TV.  And most of them lack screwholes. The only one I found with screwholes was a 24” curved gamer monitor, substantially bigger than my old 19” monitor.

And since the screwhole distance is much smaller on the monitor than on the vice grip arm, I’ve ordered an adapter from Amazon and it’ll arrive Monday.  In the meantime I have a super HD curved monitor Right In My Face, resting on the keyboard tray.

It would be overwhelming even if I didn’t have a magnificent left-sided cluster headache brought on by some plant blooming in the Presidio forest and/or the shopping experience in general and/or the freaky weather and/or the fact my house was painted this week and I’ve had the windows all sealed up.

Any minute now the headache pills will kick in, and the idea of a giant curved HDMI screen in front of my face to accompany the suspended speakers that dangle at ear level will be super awesome, and I’ll cue up Rogue One or Moana or something. Tomorrow night’s Game of Thrones should be interesting.

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