Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lose Hundreds of Cousins, Gain a Jackalope

Technology has enabled me to cut off more relatives with one swift click than ever before, and I am grateful. I’m not going to discuss it any further than to say that due to conflicting views, I have parted company with my distant-genetic-cousin that resembles me, who found me on 23andMe, and the group of several hundred cousins she assembled.

I did stay friends with one cool cousin from that batch (she saw the Beatles live once), plus several civilized and refined genetic cousins who have excellent taste in food and music. But yeah, I won’t be attending any large reunions. I wish everybody luck. I’m just allergic to this whole “family” concept, apparently.

On the bright side, I found a new restaurant. They only serve macaroni and cheese, but they serve it several different ways. They’re not anywhere near as awesome as my former favorite restaurant, the one that used to serve me carrot halwa (sniffle), but they’re pretty good. 

I realize my bloggage frequency plummeted over the last month, but getting older was exhausting, and so was recovering from my birthday present to myself -- a pet jackalope.

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